Our products are made of
  • Steel wire, material St37K

  • Stainless steel wire, material 1.4301

Steel wire, material St37K, gets ordered in rings and coils with a thickness between 1,4 – 6 mm, thicker material, usually 8 or 10mm comes in the specific manufacturing lengths.

Stainless steel wire, material 1.4301,  gets ordered and manufactured in the same way and the material thicknesses are also the same.

Stainless steel wire, material 1.4301, is only used for some of the  products in the catalog ( page 31-34 ). 

Other than wire in rings, coils and specific manufacturing lengths, we also process

  • Wire-netting, material St37K

  • Wire-netting, stainless steel wire, material 1.4301

  • Spot-welded wire-mesh, material St37K

  • Spot-welded wire-mesh, stainless steel wire,  material  1.4301

in various mesh widths and wire thicknesses.

On request you can have the dimensions of the available.

Stainless steel wire with the thickness of 3, 4, 5 und 6 mm can on request have higher graded material for e.g. material 1.4571 or material 1.4404.

For spot-welded wire-mesh 11x11x1,6 mm material 1.4404 and for wire-netting approx. 4x4x1 mm material 1.4401 would be available.